Wasabi and Cloud Constellation announce space-based cloud data storage

Cloud-storage company Wasabi and Cloud Constellation Corporation announced a collaboration to provide space-based network and data storage.  Wasabi will tie its data storage portfolio into Cloud Constellation Corporation's SpaceBelt offering.

SpaceBelt is a patented, scalable service with a planned constellation of 12 satellites in low earth orbit (LEO). The satellites are networked together via laser crosslinks.  Data will be sent up and down to storage via encrypted radio link. Cloud Constellation believes the system will offer better data security since information will be routed and stored via satellite, avoiding terrestrial attack points and vulnerabilities.

With governments around the world expressing concerns about data moving across and being stored outside of their borders, Cloud Constellation may be a legal third-party workaround, since space operations are technically covered by Law of the Sea, rather than an individual nation's laws.  How well this works in practice remains to be seen, given regulatory, law enforcement and national security requirements.


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