BlackSky completes first next-gen imaging small sat

BlackSky completes first next-gen imaging small sat

[Image credit - BlackSky]

Today BlackSky, a division of Seattle-based Spaceflight Industries, announced the first of its next generation of Earth observation satellites is "complete, qualified, and awaiting launch."  Global-1 will be the first of four small satellites to launch in the next year on US and foreign launch vehicles.

Global-1 provides 1 meter resolution and is built on the success of the company's Pathfinder technology demonstration satellite launched in September 2016. The satellite weighs in at 55 kilograms and graphic art suggests it fits the "wine cooler/dorm fridge" form factor of small imaging satellites currently either in orbit or under development by a number of firms.

The Global constellation is expected grow to 60 satellites, complementing the company's imaging capabilities it offers through 11 commercial satellites. The BlackSky Spectra on-demand imagery service enable users to search, purchase, task, and download visual and multi-spectral data while BlackSky Events global monitoring service provide a digital "fusion" service integrating news, social media,  industry data services, and physical sensor networks to provide early warning and insights on risks, threats and opportunities.


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