Bridging the gaps between New Space and IT

Bridging the gaps between New Space and IT

(Bonus points to anyone who recognizes Spike, the space lizard, who has nothing to do with New Space or IT...)

Teslas to Mars get headlines, but applications and services pay the bills.

New Space is breaking down the barriers between satellites and IT.   The satellite industry has been an insular tribe, like the glass room mainframe operators of old.  Expensive, elitist, cloaked in a bit of mystery.

IT decentralized and became commonplace due to cost.  The PC opened up computing to the masses and tipped the mainframe on its side.  Cloud computing -- built on PCs and broadband -- makes enterprise computing power available to anyone.  Mobile devices add to cloud, driving apps.

It's a cloud first, mobile first world, says Microsoft, with APIs, big data, and analytics at the core. New Space companies "get it," with many embracing a Big Data identity.  Satellites are sensors while services are where the money is at.

Successful New Space companies are moving into the IT world while IT needs to get savvy on new opportunities in IoT, broadband, imaging, and other areas.

Look beyond the Tesla, find the less-flashy New Space companies to meet your needs.


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